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Duchenne. Making big challenges out of small mistakes. Duchenne. Making big challenges out of small mistakes. Life certainly is more challenging when you have to depend on a wheelchair to get around. Ashton has always required assistance with mobility. He went from a stroller to a wheelchair and he got his first power wheelchair in 2015 at 8 years old. It has been wonderful for him to finally have a little independence and not have to rely on people pushing him to get around when his feet and legs can’t. However, it still is not easy for him to get around. First of all he needs a bus or van with a lift to go places. Then once we get where we are going we often run into the problem of finding a place to park that allows us to use the lift that is not in the flow of traffic. We have found that many public restrooms have a wheelchair sign on them but seems people think just adding a grab bar makes a bathroom wheelchair friendly. Ashton frequently requires assistance to navigate the tight quarters, reach and operate the soap dispensers, faucets and paper towels not to mention open and close the doors.

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