2016 MCSE Track & Field Day

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Ashton was so looking forward to the Marathon County Track & Field Day this spring. It really is a great event bringing all the kids who receive special education from six different school districts together. Though it was mid-May the weather was not the most cooperative this year. They started the morning with the indoor activities in the hopes that the rain would go away. He had fun in the bounce houses, something too risky for him to do with able bodied peers. He also had fun with modified bowling and floor hockey. He passed on the basketball, the rock wall much too difficult for him even with assistance and he had no interest in the obstacle course things. After lunch it was outside time. He wanted to wear shorts to school. After he left on the bus it started raining. When I came I brought along warm pants, another hooded jacket, wheelchair umbrella as well as his winter hat and gloves. He walked the 50 meter just fine. He used his power wheelchair for the 100 meter and then he was just so cold. It was very windy and misting. I helped him get his pants on over his shorts and he was ready for his winter hat and gloves. Despite being very cold he wanted one of the snow cones being passed out. Due to heading in for a bathroom break he missed the other outdoor activities. He did not mind because he was spent for the day and very happy he could go home an hour early with mom.

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