2016 Half Marathon—myTEAM TRIUMPH Kick Off Party

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Ashton is super excited to do the Half Marathon in the Wausau Marathon with myTEAM TRIUMPH again this year! It is going to be extra special having family friend Amy Penokie as one of his angels! She is driving all the way from Green Bay to do this with Ashton!!

Today was a very long day but it ended on a happy note. It started out with me finding out about another young loss in the Duchenne community. This is always hard to take. Then right away after school Ashton and Emma both had their student led conferences (SLC). They both did super great! I am so proud of both of them! This was the first student led conference for Ashton. It was the second student led conference for Emma as she had one at the end of 5K last year. Emma even invited Ashton’s Special Education Teacher who attended his to her’s. Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education really is the way to go.

After the conferences we headed home to pick up Sydney. At home I saw that both my mom and sister texted me to let me know that my dad’s PSA (prostate-specific antigen) had a major significant drop after his first chemo shots at his last appointment. Then we were off to the myTEAM TRIUMPH kick off party. Ashton had a blast. It was so fun catching up with John and Amy Penokie and it was great seeing Captain Darrin and Captain Autumn again.

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