Getting Ashton Back

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Suzanne, Ashton & Anna
Suzanne, Ashton & Anna

Sydney, Emma and I were anxiously awaiting and so excited to go pick up Ashton from MDA Summer Camp this morning. Ashton always has a great time at camp. He is always ready to go home Friday morning, five nights there is just the right amount of time for him.

Suzanne was already at the med table so I picked Ashton’s up right away. Ashton and Anna were coming from the closing ceremony. When Ashton saw us he was ready to drive his wheelchair in the van but we headed to his cabin to gather his things and caught a picture of him with Suzanne and Anna. With Sydney and Emma along there were many hands to carry his things to the van. He always comes home with more than he arrives with between his camp treasures and all the art projects he does at camp. The girls waited with him in the van while I went to sign him out.

Ashton is always hungry when I pick him up. . .

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