2016 MCSE Day Camp

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Ashton and his Olympic torch
Ashton & Elephant

Ashton’s summer vacation was just the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday off. LOL! He had his first Speech Therapy appointment of the summer on Tuesday afternoon. His Marathon County Special Education Day Camp was Wednesday thru Friday from 10-3 plus a 30 minute bus ride each way. Still quite a break from his regular school day of 7:45-3. His bus actually arrives about 10-15 minutes after the start of school and departs about 10-15 minutes before the end of the school day. His bus ride to school is about 45 minutes. His bus ride home is about the same but can really vary each day.

Marathon County Special Education Day Camp is a really nice opportunity for Ashton to spend three days with kids who all have various limitations instead of him being the only one in his class. It has helped him to realize the different types of limitations children can have. It is also very convenient for him to attend, a bus picks him up and drops him off at his school each day. Wednesday afternoon he had another Speech Therapy appointment so Emma and I picked him up at the end of camp. It was nice seeing where the Day Camp is held.

Ashton was so tired and dragging all week. He normally picks at least one of his stuffed animals to take along with him each day, usually sitting on his lap and buckled in the seatbelt with him. Friday was elephant’s day. Loading Ashton up to come home Friday afternoon he looked so worn out and was slumping over. Ashton looks at me and says “elephant is worn out too”. He was very excited to tell me that he met a boy named Jared who was also 9 years old and that he was going to MDA Summer Camp for his first time on Sunday.

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