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Ashton-Newborn-Stole-My-HeartThere truly is a special bond between a mother and a son. If I had to pick the moment in time when my life felt complete it was the day that Ashton was born. A quick and safe delivery of our third child, baby checked out completely healthy and it’s a boy. Days later there is some concern about him not bouncing back to his birth weight. This turns into a year of worry as he stays at the bottom of the weight chart despite following all the interventions pediatrician requested. Many extra well child visits ending with I’ll let you take him home today but if he doesn’t gain at least x amount by next visit I will have to admit him for observation. And the issue was not that they thought something was medically wrong with him, just that it did not add up that he was not gaining weight with all of his feedings I was logging. Finally Ashton reaches 12 months and pediatrician said she was no longer worried about him, he seemed to be falling within the normal range for milestones. This however is only a brief worry free time during which I am frequently told he is fine, you are used to girls, boys develop slower than girls, he will outgrow that. Then there is the arrival of our bonus baby Emma and Ashton stops walking for no apparent reason at 34 months old. After three doctor appointments, two including x-rays was told he must be regressing because there is a new baby in the house. Ashton’s not walking ended up being temporary sending us back into yet another very brief worry free time. If only we knew. Before the Duchenne diagnosis. [DJW-09/17/2015]

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