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Dentistry sure has come a long way since I was a child. I love First Impressions. It is so nice that all the kids can go back and have their 6 month check-ups and cleanings done simultaneously. These photos are from June 2015, Ashton had an additional appointment for dental work. We can park right by the entrance so as usual he walks in and does not need his wheelchair. After his appointment he is able to climb the stairs himself so he can go down the slide. Then he also poses for a photo as we are leaving. Yes, I am a bit photo crazy when it comes to Ashton. His illness, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is progressive so I am trying to capture his final moments of doing things.

20150605-Ashton-Dentist-01 20150605-Ashton-Dentist-02 20150605-Ashton-Dentist-03

Now in May 2016 he says he needs to use his wheelchair to get in for his appointment. And after his cleaning big sister Sydney helps him up the steps so he can go down the slide. He still has a smile on his face. I on the other hand I am silently screaming, “no, not yet!”. Just another day in the life of Duchenne. Even though Duchenne parents expect to see this decline in their child it is still so very alarming and heart wrenching as it happens!

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