This is Huge!

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Great news! Somebody pinch me!! I must be dreaming!!! I have been hoping but not really expecting Ashton to meet the screening inclusion and exclusion criteria for this trial. Specifically, the 4 stair climb. He has to do it independently within a certain time range, as in seconds and he has been having difficultly with just the two steps to get into the house for a while now.

Ashton had a home nurse visit to recheck his iron level Saturday morning. I just heard it came back within normal range so we are a go for his baseline visit on August 9th. Then, if all goes well he will receive his very first infusion the next morning. He will be the cutoff age of 10 years old on the 26th so there is not very much time to spare for him to receive his first dose. Very exciting but I just can not bring myself to say “Ashton is in a clinical trial.” until after his first infusion is complete. Time to finalize our travel arrangements as we are leaving in just 6 days. Yay, he did it! I have no idea where this road is leading but we must make this journey.

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