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What is wrong with me? I did not take a photo! Ashton was so excited for the opportunity to participate with the other Little Red Raiders when they demonstrated their basketball skills during half time at the boys Varsity game last night. He thought it was so cool to do something in the High School gym and that people would be watching. He greeted and high fived all of the other boys from the basketball clinic he saw. I am so very proud of Ashton for his positive attitude and giving his whole hearted best effort. He had fun. I was a bit worried how he would react out there on the floor because he physically just can not do most of the skills. One of his High School student coaches, Joe, was there and standing near him. Joe encouraged Ashton to just dribble the ball when it was something he could not do. Joe also quickly retrieved Ashton’s basketball for him when he lost control over it.

It was a good night for Ashton. And I am happy for that. But even on Ashton’s best days I can not help but be heavy hearted though. We all have heard and have been told many times “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “practice makes perfect”. This is wisdom and encouragement we proudly pass on to our children. Well, I am at a loss for words. I just can not tell Ashton that. It will not matter how much Ashton practices or what his mindset is, he simply can not play basketball with Duchenne. I am talking about playing an actual basketball game with kids his age. Granted it is not the end of the world that Ashton just does not have the mobility or strength to run down the court while dribbling a basketball, do a jump stop and pivot or make a basket. I wish I was only talking about being disabled. It is so difficult dealing with a progressive illness. It just kills me to think that his current abilities will be lost and one day he will not be able to enjoy playing with a basketball.

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