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I just wonder why. Why out of my four children is Ashton the one most anxious to grow up? Why is he the one always talking about his future plans? Why does everything he is anxious for happen to be something that he most likely will not be able to do or have? Why is he the one that knows exactly how many children he wants to have, their gender and what he wants to name them? I have three girls so this last one is especially peculiar to me. I used to think that maybe I was just extra sensitive to this when it happened but Ashton really talks like this weekly at the very least. So I have to wonder if other children that do not get to grow up and have a “normal” life talk like this all the time too. It is almost like he instinctively knows to dream big and live fast.

I do not think one should let their disease stop them but I also do not believe that you should tell someone with a life limiting illness that they can do anything if they put their mind to it either. I guess it is just confusing to me that my girls ages 6-21 never talk and dream like Ashton does. I do believe that he can have a full and meaningful life, just not what he is expecting. I do not stand in the way of his dreaming but most the time all I can do is just smile and agree with him. So hoping that Ashton has the best possible life, is happy, is content and most of all that he never stops dreaming! [DJW-11/11/2015]

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